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The Galileo Global Group (GGG) is an alliance of three independent firms. We share the same values; our offices are collocated, and we collaborate on a daily basis.


In October 2003, Georges Ugeux left the New York Stock Exchange, where he was Group Executive Vice President International and research, to create Galileo Global Advisors (GGA). The inspiration came from a need for independent advice that was becoming difficult to find since transactional objectives often drove the advisory role of investment banks. It was aimed at both private and public sector institutions.

As the firm’s activities developed, many clients asked for support in raising funds in the private capital market. Galileo Global Securities (GGS) was created to meet that demand. GGS is a broker-dealer registered with FINRA and owned and managed by Francois Pages.   Over the years, this new company grew into a full-fledged investment banking firm specializing in cross-border transactions with an exclusive focus on small and mid-sized private assets.

More recently, Charles-André Brouwers added his management consulting expertise to the Galileo Global Group. He created Galileo Life Sciences (GLS), focusing on providing strategy, finance, and transaction support to the biopharmaceutical, medical, and health tech sectors.


At the Galileo Global Group’s core are shared values: senior expertise, global perspective, independent advice, and personal commitment to achieving our client’s strategic and financial objectives in the most optimal way.